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Welcome To Lagoon Catamarans Australia

Vicsail Multihull is your first port of call for buying and selling premium cruising catamarans.
As the exclusive importer for Lagoon Catamarans in Australia, we offer our clients an extensive wealth of knowledge about all aspects of Lagoon catamarans, including buying, selling, spare parts, cruising advice, and meeting other people in the Lagoon Family.
Our head office is based at Rushcutters Bay on Sydney Harbour, with berthing and marina facilities available, naturally catamaran cruisers choose Vicsail Multihull as their prime contact when buying, selling or up grading their cruising catamaran.

Looking for Multihulls for sale?

Our team will guide you in finding the perfect catamaran multihull, whether it be new or used.  Introduce your family and friends to the  “Lagoon style” in your perfect boat.

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Owner Reviews

I love the fact that Lagoon Catamarans can handle the big sea, they are spacious with a lot of room and can be ideally tailored to your needs. The upstairs galley and storage rooms are a definite plus, a unique space that you could never find on a power boat.
I love the new Lagoon catamaran 52 because of its innovative modern airy design with comfortable spacious homely,  indoor and outdoor liveability, coupled with good performance. It is truly a remarkable boat!
Michael. K, Lagoon 52 Owner
When we saw our Lagoon 450 Clear Horizons we knew it was the boat for us. Spacious cabins, flat decks and lots of spaces to enjoy around the boat have lived up to all expectations. Vicsail were great through the purchase period and have helped with everything that comes with owning boats. I highly recommend both Lagoon Catamarans Vicsail.
We have just purchased a Lagoon 450 from Vicsail. Brendan and the staff were fantastic. It’s the first time in my life that someone actually cared about us and wanted to help during the process. They answered all calls and questions with honesty and professionalism.  All the paperwork and inspections were all organised for us. It showed the experience and knowledge of Vicsail putting us first. I cannot find enough compliments to truly thank all the staff for their assistance. It has been a pleasure for us, and if every company was as kind as this the world would be a better place.
Steve & Audra. P, Lagoon 450 Owners