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Over the years, the Lagoon Catamarans for sale in Australia have acquired a real expertise in developing innovative features. The technological advancements in conjunction with catamaran designers VPLP (Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost) shapes Lagoon in being the premier Australian catamaran for sale.

Lagoon Workshop

The points of difference keeping Lagoon Catamaran ahead of the rest are:

  • Construction by infusion – for optimal distribution of resins in the production process giving integral strength and maximizing the weight & strength distribution. It also acts as an effective environmental control minimizing waste in the production process.
  • The sandwich core in balsa offers better mechanical (excellent resistance to compression) and chemical (more stability over time) properties for catamarans.
  • The symmetrical hulls – give a linear flow of water over both sides of the hulls while sailing with a full payload or when empty.
  • The fins – are the preferred option to centerboards (or fins) as they are proven to have a higher resistance to lateral drift, stronger in the case of a grounding, provide the option for beaching if necessary and they protect the rudders by depth
  • The vertical windows offer 360degree views, more protection from the sun, more volume, better visibility and a timeless design than any other catamaran on the market.
  • Anti-osmosis prohibition technology through the use of vinylester resins in the construction.
  • Buoyancy is a guarantee of security, the entire range of Lagoon catamarans are CE certified for un-sinkibility.
  • Wide hulls provide a massive multihull volume in the cabins with larger floor space thus making them more ergonomical and comfortable.
  • All helm stations have been positioned for comfort and ease of handling.
  • Hull volume enables double beds to be fitted in our smallest model – the L380. It also assists in increasing all models payloads.
  • Saloon and cockpit spaces are proportioned for ease as access between both
  • Living areas in Lagoon Catamarans are comparable to monohulls 30-40% longer.
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Sydney, Australia
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